Do you know what Liberty is?

Do you know what liberty is? It is freedom. Do you know that freedom requires tolerance? It does not require the government to intervene in the lives of men, unless there is no agreement reached.

Liberty is the ability to do as you please, and this comes with dissenting criticism. It behooves us to prepare for those criticisms and not get our feelings hurt when other free people have a different view of things.

Liberty requires a thick skin and a strong constitution, one must be able and willing to fight anyone who encroaches on said freedoms — even (or especially) if the one doing the encroaching is the government itself. The government should never engage itself in social issues, personal property rights or any of the protected items in the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of rights.

Yet, today we have a government that dictates to us what we own, what we do and what we think.

Millions of Americans do not complain, instead they demand more encroachment from federal overseers. They demand an invasion of foreigners, they demand acceptance of divergent lifestyles, they demand action when their feelings are hurt. There is no longer any freedom of speech or thought that does not go unpunished. To be a free, patriotic American is to be an enemy of the very government that is supposed to protect the freedoms they usurp.

How much is America willing to tolerate? How willing are we to stand up for freedom? Will you turn off your favorite show or video game for it?

Would you protest it? Will you speak out for it? If you answered yes to any of these, where the heck have you been? We have been losing it piece by piece, and no one has stood up. Instead we all collectively condemn those who do stand for freedom as if they are crazy wackos who deserve punishment.

I thought we were all free to have different opinions. They why do we disassociate with people who disagree with us? Why do we slander them and report them to the government for being different? How dare you not like the same things as me? How dare you not like my presidential candidate. How dare you not embrace every deviant or perverse thing someone else does. How dare you not be just like me.

Freedom — the most misunderstood thing in the world today. Do you know what freedom really is? If you think you do and you think you are free today, you are wrong.

We are oppressed and don’t even know it. In fact, many of us are demanding more. For example: Tell me one thing you can do or buy that is not regulated, berated or taxed? I doubt very much there is anything.

So I ask: Tell me one thing that is currently going on that you are willing to fight for while turning off your favorite TV show or video game.12654332_950286598374464_5920232603788637122_n


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