Conspiracy Theorists

Conspiracy theories, they are everywhere; but don’t let anyone catch you looking into them or they will label you one too. There is so much “hype” over conspiracy theories that it is blinding people to the truth.

What is a conspiracy theory? Basically, it is the belief that there are people controlling events to achieve a goal that requires secrecy to accomplish its goal. So, I say that conspiracy theories are not the evidence that someone is mentally ill or delusional (although they may be) as many people today have accused others of. There are many, many people who are part of a conspiracy theory. Do you cheat on your spouse and are deliberately hiding and lying to them about where you are going and with whom? If they are suspicious then they just became a conspiracy theorist. Ok, this is an oversimplified example but it illustrates my point. Basically, anyone who suspects there is more to the story we are given by the government and media, are conspiracy theorists. But if you accept everything they say as being the whole story, then you are not a conspiracy theorist, you are a sheeple. So which one are you?

Do you believe that Obama is a good president? Do you believe he is honest with us? Do you think your senator, who has been in Washington for longer than your children/grandchildren have been alive, is still working for you? If you answered “yes” to any of these you might be a sheeple. Do you believe there are things our government officials do to pad their pockets and corrupt deals to gain campaign contributions? Do you believe that there are people in our government trying to take away our rights? Do you believe some or most politicians are crooked? Do you think there is a plan for this country that the average person is not privy to? If you answered “yes” to any of these you might be a conspiracy theorist. You see, being a “conspiracy theorist” is much easier than you might think.

The people propagating that conspiracy theorists are nuts, are the ones propagating the conspiracy. Our politicians do not want us aware of what they are doing. Be it for money, politics or for some grand “one world order”, our politicians do not want us looking at their actions. They want us quietly accepting everything they do with applause. We all want to be praised for what we do but why praise corruption and failure?

If our politicians, media and any other public official were totally honest with us, then there would be no Conspiracy Theories. Humans have a natural need to know the truth and the whole story; but it has to make sense. There shouldn’t be anything our government needs to do, at least on domestic policy, that should leave us feeling confused, lied to or that there is an alternative plan. Yet, millions of Americans have begun to suspect that there are things going on that we don’t know about. Given the nature of humans and the innate sense of perception many people have, there seems a likely argument that there is in fact something going on behind the scenes. It is our intuition that is leading us not insanity; our intuition knows there is more to these stories than we are being given. Politicians label all doubters, dissenters and opponents as “conspiracy theorists” so they can put us in a box and discredit us all at once. Think on this and tell me why I am wrong. Is your senator so honest you can trust his or her opinion, comments, or performance with total abandon? If not, then tread carefully, you are on the verge of being a conspiracy theorist!

Are some conspiracy theorists crazy? ABSOLUTELY! Some of the theories even sound like they came from a drug induced stupor. For example, the idea that our president is really an alien lizard man (Bush AND Obama,) wearing a human skin is ridiculous. They have supposed all kinds of things about our many presidents that are ridiculous. Yet, I have seen it on the internet; clearly, some people are buying this crap. I believe these are either nuts or government operatives putting crazy stuff out there to prove they are right about conspiracy theorists. I tend to think they are all just nuts.


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