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Get involved!

Have you decided to fall on your knees and worship Obama and follow his every command?
If the answer is NO then please join Overpasses For America and protest to have him removed from office! EXERCISE YOUR FREE SPEECH WHILE YOU HAVE IT! Groups in every state! GET INVOLVED WITH YOUR LIFE!



I have heard (from my sister) that a man prophesied over America years ago that America will be doomed when we have a female president. I have to say that I find this plausible and I will explain why. First of all, we have Hillary who wants to be president so badly that she just might pull it off (by hook or by crook). However, considering the current state of the Muslim world and their lack of respect for women, we just may be attacked severely with a woman in charge. They certainly will not respect any woman leader; of any political party! This is why, at this time, I do not support any woman for president or for Secretary of State.

You cannot make male chauvinists respect women by giving her power you will only make him an antagonist. The Muslim world is antagonistic enough we do not need to exacerbate the problem. Do I think we should or can have a woman president? Yes, yes I do, but not with worldly affairs so consumed with Muslims who do not see women as equals. America needs to learn the reality of the rest of the world and not just expect other countries, with different ideals, to embrace our way of things. We have been foolish long enough it is time we started dealing with the world from where they are, not where we want them to be.

We need a strong dominate male president who will not be afraid to stand up to radical Muslims and be prepared to act on any threats given. Until this happens we will continue to struggle with radical Muslims. America cannot capitulate, pander, or coddle the Muslim world; not as a long as their ideals are so contradictory to our own. They will not join our thought process because we think we are superior, or that our way is better. They will only see it as a weakness they can exploit. Just like they think a woman is a lesser vessel, this is how they will they see America if we put women in charge. Having a woman as president will invite them to attack us as they do not respect any female.

It behooves us to consider these types of issues in up-coming elections. While many may think America is ready for a woman president, we really need to ask: is the rest of the world ready? Radicals are spreading Islam all over the globe and taking over many countries, is it wise to put a woman in charge at such a time as this? One day, I truly hope we do have a woman as president. Just because we have finally elected our first black president does not mean it is time for a woman to do it. Besides, look how our first black president has divided the races, can you imagine if men and women become so divided?

There is a time and a place for everything. This is not the time for women in leadership in America. For our own safety, vote male!